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Nexen Tyres

Nexen is a Korean-based tyre manufacturer, providing high-quality tyres offering superior car handling. Nexen tyres are used as OE-fitments for reputed automobile manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Hyundai.

Europit Tyres offers a massive range of Nexen tyres Colchester. We stock tyres suitable for all makes and models of vehicle.

What we Offer:

Summer Tyres

The hard rubber compound of Nexen summer units prevents overheating and significantly reduces wear and tear in dry road conditions. The shallow and uniquely designed grooves improve braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces.


  • N’blue Premium
  • N’Fera Sport

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres ensure optimal driving safety in winter.

They come with a deep tread pattern that evacuates snow and water efficiently. Nexen also uses a softer rubber compound that significantly accounts for holding the structural integrity of the tyres even at low temperatures.


  • WinGuard Sport 2
  • WinGuard win Spike WS62

All-Season Tyres

Nexen develops all-season units with a silica-infused rubber compound to provide superior performance in mild weather conditions. They exhibit an intermediate tread depth delivering enhanced traction and stability year-round.


  • N’blue 4Season

We stock the below Nexen car tyres Colchester: -

4X4 Tyres

The robust and reinforced sidewalls contribute to their matchless road-bearing ability on rugged roads. The deep tread pattern coupled with wide shoulder blocks offers enhanced grip on mud and slush.


  • Roadian GTX
  • Roadian AT Pro RA8

Other types of Nexen tyres Colchester:

  • N’Fera AU7 (UPH)
  • N’Fera Primus (UPH)

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