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Kumho Tyres

Europit Tyres has a massive collection of Kumho tyres Colchester for durable tyres.

Kumho is a Korean tyre manufacturer offering tyres worldwide. They are one of the largest tyre distributors worldwide.

Why Us?

Our stock of Kumho car tyres Colchester covers most makes and models of vehicles.

Our in-house tyre specialists stringently inspect all the tyres to ensure they meet standard EU protocol.

Online Tyre Sale Option

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer online tyre sales to ensure a seamless experience.

To buy Kumho tyres Colchester online, enter your vehicle’s registration number on our websites tyre finder tool, select your tyres and proceed to choosing a booking slot best suited to you.

Alternatively, you can order via emails.

You can ask for assistance on 01206 573140 from our tyre experts to make an informed decision.

What Do We Offer?

Summer Tyres

Sense KR26 is one of the top-selling options from the house of Kumho. It efficiently disperses water on wet tracks to ensure optimal hydroplaning resistance, courtesy asymmetric tread pattern and shallow circumferential grooves. In addition, the hard rubber compound offers improved grip and control in dry and wet roads.

Other Options

  • Ecowing KH27
  • Ecsta XS KU36

Winter Tyres

I’Zen KW31 is a popular winter tyre that delivers excellent manoeuvrability even at freezing temperatures. Thanks to its natural rubber compound, it enables optimal performance and maintains its structural integrity. Additionally, the deep and unique tread design significantly resists hydroplaning risks.

Other Options

  • WinterCraft WP51
  • Wintercraft Ice Wi31


Solus TA71 is a go-to option for people looking for tyres offering year-round performance without compromising on driving safety. It features an asymmetrical tread pattern coupled with an intermediate tread depth, ensuring sufficient cornering precision and traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Other Options

  • Solus HA32
  • Solus 4 All Weather

Vehicle Specific Options


The Kumho ECSTA HS51 is made of a premium rubber material to accelerate the heat dispersion process, thus reducing the chances of tyre blowouts. Moreover, its robust rib helps to ensure uncompromised performance at high speeds.

Other Options

  • Ecsta LE Sport KU39
  • Ecsta LX Platinum KU27


CRUGEN KL33 is a popular 4x4 variant designed with reinforced sidewalls and a rigid tyre carcass. Such an aggressive pattern provides optimum load-bearing and control on rugged terrains.

Other Options

  • Road Venture MT KL71
  • Solus KL21

Apart from these, we also offer run-flat Kumho tyres Colchester-

  • Ecsta SPT
  • Ecsta KH

For further queries please email sales@europittyres.co.uk.

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